Economic Empowerment

Through Microfinance and  Livelihood Programmes.
Share Foundation works on developing the local communities that suffer from economic and social problems in  a way that  makes all its  interventions  a sustainable tool that is capable of  self-growing and developing. 
Share Foundation's strategy aims to combat  all  aspects of poverty and unemployment through promoting a culture of productivity in targeted communities and supporting income-generating enterprises that can  support  vulnerable  families to be  productive which would guarantee them  a dignified  life. 

Share Foundation’s projects aim to   provide families with sustainable development tools in order to confront  the economic challenges in targeted communities  through encouraging  the unemployed youth to play  a vital role in the economic prosperity and stability. These projects also aim to  create job opportunities and employ  the livelihood programmes in rehabilitation of  the social and economic infrastructures  in order to improve the living conditions of people  in their communities  in general. 
These projects will empower individuals to cope with the current difficult circumstances resulted by the current crisis in Syria, through many programs such as Microfinance program which provides zero-interest loans in order to finance and develop income-generating enterprises.

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