Share Foundation participation in the "Aid Congress”

Share Foundation for Relief and Development participated in the “Aid Congress” which is one of the activities of the 6th Watan Conference this year between (15th -17th) February 2018. The objective of this participation was to promote its programs and projects to visitors. The aim was, to change the mentality of humanitarian response to Syrian Crisis, as we need to find other ways far away from the traditional ones, which has started from the beginning of 2011 till the moment. No one can deny that, the response over the last six years filled a huge gap after the collapse of Government and civil society systems in the liberated areas, and played great role in supporting people in need in Syria. 

At the time we are close to the seven years of continuous crisis in Syria, we should be more open to developmental projects which pave the way for individuals and communities to reach the status of economic and social sustainability and to reach the early recover stage in Syria. 

Share Foundation presented its various projects which involve three main domains, the Economic Empowerment, Social empowerment and Women Empowerment. 

Visitors showed great interest in the concept of Microfinance, which Share Foundation believes in and seeks to develop it. This project is based on the provision of cash as zero-interest loans to small business owners or people with business ideas, who are in need for amount of money, to expand their business or begin their own businesses into income-generation projects. Also, Microfinance Project is subject to inclusive verification and filtering processes. 

Share Foundation’s representatives at the Aid Congress conducted different meetings with  local organization, representatives of EU countries, relief and development representatives and associations, and representatives of UN OCHA. 

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