Social Empowerment

By Awareness Raising , Education, and Capacity Building.
Share Foundation aims at developing the Human Resources in targeted communities  in order to empower individuals to become aware of their communities’ needs  and  finding solutions that can assist the process of communities’ recovery. Share Foundation also aims at raising communities awareness at legal, education, and public levels in order to keep them oriented with their communities issues. Moreover, empowerment projects aim to facilitate  dialogue sessions between various communities’ components in order to give youth a space to share their thoughts, their future visions and suggested mechanisms to overcome the challenges they face. Share Foundation will work on providing different Capacity Building Programmes such as vocational training or personal development training that will play essential role in raising the communities awareness that may have been affected  due to  the protracted years of war in Syria . Share Foundation will provide all needed vocational and administrative support to the youth in order to build their capacities to build their Future.

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